Troop 708 Eagle Scout Saves Life

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Eddie Loss - 82nd Eagle Scout of Troop 708 Castro Valley, CaliforniaEdward “Eddie” Loss, the 82nd Eagle Scout to come out of Troop 708 in Castro Valley, California, was presented with the Lifesaving Award by the Brentwood City Council this January, 2016.  Eddie resusitated a 53 year old man who had died on November 29, 2015.  When you read over the account of Eddie’s actions in this East County Today article, you will note how all of his training, and his calm demeanor, were put into use in dealing with a very trying situation.  In reaching out to Eddie he was clear to point out just how important the skills he learned in Scouting are to him.

I must say, I am very happy to have been a part of the Troop while Eddie was still a Scout there.  I always was very impressed with how he carried himself and I am not at all surprised at Eddie’s actions as he was always a remarkable young man and a shining example in the Troop of how a Scout should be.  It also is wonderful to see that he has carried on in his good deeds in becoming a police officer in Brentwood, California.  All past, current and future Scouts should continue to do their best to learn and be prepared as you never know when one of your skills will be desperately needed to help someone in need.  And set your sites high as the world can use a lot more great people like Eddie Loss.

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About Jeff Lambert, Scoutmaster Emeritus

Jeff Lambert is a former Scoutmaster of Troop 708, Castro Valley, California. Jeff is an Eagle Scout with over 16 years in Scouting. In his spare time Jeff runs his software development firm, JVHM, Inc.

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