Point Reyes Hike-In Camping

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24000 and 16000.  That’s the amount of Steps our troop took on Saturday and Sunday on the Pt Reyes camping trip.  That’s a pretty good milestone for our newer scouts to pull off for a first hike-in camping trip – so a mighty high-five to them!

Mikey & his mom get honorable mention too for hiking all the way in to camp in the morning and afternoon, staying with us 2-3 hours and then hiking all the way back on the same day.

We had a beautiful day and night for the trip – nice shaded, soft trails and

about 75 degrees.  We knew the hike was about 500 feet elevation change from start to finish but didn’t realize that we’d be hiking UP on the way IN as we made our way to the ocean, but we got the nice benefit of a long cool, downhill hike out this morning. 

An excursion group made a run for the coast on Sat afternoon but found it further than what was feasible before darkness so got as far as good ocean views and returned.  After Saturday night feast clean-up, another excursion group with scouts Nigel, Hunter, Tyler, Sergei and Ryan, plus Mr Williams & Korycinski, went on a night hike to see what we could discover…with our flashlights off.  Pretty cool, as we started the hike before the moon rose, but when that full moon burst over the top treeline, we were lit up like a lazer-tag hit.  Joey K worked on his cooking merit badge and was left wondering, like the rest of us, how Mr Wong gets his cooking to come out so well out in the woods.  Ah, one has to walk before one can run, grasshopper.


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