Pinnacles Camp Out

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The Pinnacles National Park overnight was a great trip and first with our newly expanded troop!  Some highlights:

  • The new scouts did great, learning a lot about what it means to work within a Troop hierarchy under the Scout-in-Charge (SIC) Tyler’s direction.  Nice work, Tyler.
  • There was a mix-up as far as the distance to the peak (much further, higher, hotter) so we had to make an adjustment, though still qualified for the Pinnacles Rim Rover by distance travelled.
  • Joey K successfully organized a couple of fun-style Saturday night group activities
  • Mr Korycinski bailed us out of an camp overflow situation (good turnout) by getting out early to snag one of the last 1st-come, 1st-serve campsites
  • As a dutch-oven themed trip, we ate pretty well (Mr Wong’s specialty), cooking dinners, breakfasts & desserts
  • The only bummer: No condor sightings again.  Apparently, they like the highest peaks during the hottest part of the day; guess that’s no pain-no gain for us.


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