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Pinnacles Camp Out

The Pinnacles National Park overnight was a great trip and first with our newly expanded troop!  Some highlights: The new scouts did great, learning a lot about what it means to work within a Troop hierarchy under the Scout-in-Charge (SIC) Tyler’s direction.  Nice work, Tyler. There was a mix-up as far as the distance to the peak (much further, higher, hotter) so we had to make an adjustment, though still qualified

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Point Reyes Hike-In Camping

24000 and 16000.  That’s the amount of Steps our troop took on Saturday and Sunday on the Pt Reyes camping trip.  That’s a pretty good milestone for our newer scouts to pull off for a first hike-in camping trip – so a mighty high-five to them! Mikey & his mom get honorable mention too for hiking all the way in to camp in the morning and afternoon, staying with us 2-3 hours and then hiking all the way back on the same day. We had a beautiful day and night for the trip – nice shaded, soft trails and

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Fishing Trip to Los Vaqueros

We spent the summer building our fishing poles, and reels – which were a bit trickier, but got it together (just) in time to head out to the local hot-spot of fishing … Los Vaqueros reservoir. We used the meet-up time in the morning to spool up reels with fishing line and learn a couple of fisherman’s knots as we tied on our swivels. It was a gorgeous, clear morning with a hot forecast coming our way, so we got to the marina as early as we could for the scheduled ½ day trip.  I was pleased with how well…

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Hi-Adventure Snow Camping

At 8000 ft in Sierra Madres mountains, near Kirkwood ski resort.

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