Community Leadership Reception

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The Community Leadership Reception is a yearly event held by the Tres Ranchos District of the San Francisco Bay Area Council.  The main purpose is twofold, to raise funds for the Council and District and to honor a leader with the “Good Scout Award”.  This year’s Good Scout Award was presented to Gordon Galvan.  Gordon was twice elected to the San Leandro City Council where his colleagues voted him into two terms as Vice Mayor.  Mr. Galvan has served as the Vice Chairman of Finance in the Tres Ranchos District, has served twice on the “Good Scout” committee and currently has a son who is a Tiger Cub.

As part of the Community Leadership Reception, Troop 708 was asked to have a Scout speak about their Scouting experience and what the program has meant to them.  Harrison Lambert was selected by the Scoutmaster of Troop 708, his father.

Harrison had a tough act to follow, California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, the keynote speaker.  Not one to fall into the shadow of another, Harrison stepped up to the plate and delivered a great speech, which the audience truly appreciated.  Harrison did himself and his father proud as well as reflect how his Troop and the Boy Scouts of America have helped to make him the person he is today.

This is a video of Harrison’s speech.  The actual text of the speech follows the video.


by Harrison Lambert
April 21, 2010

Scouting, the gilded organization now reaching its 100th year.  I have been one of the fortunate ones to experience this extraordinary establishment.  The morals I have learned in scouting guide me in my everyday choices.  I strive to be not only a trustworthy and helpful scout, but a friendly and honest person as well.  The leadership I have gained in Brownsea National Youth Leadership Training, and the many adventures through the troop, have helped me establish my own club at school, and overall make me a more ambitious person.  The merit badges I have gained in scouting range from the vital personal fitness and first aid, to the trivial fingerprinting and pet care.  Nevertheless this is knowledge I couldn’t imagine learning anywhere but Scouting.  The adventures I have experienced showed me sights I would have never motivated myself to see.

Undoubtedly all in attendance today have had the experience of acquainting themselves with a Scout, and with that acquaintance have heard many stories about the incomparable adventures of those Scouts.  Therefore there is no purpose in me to continue adding to the multitude of tales in order to aid in my persuasion, rather I wish to enlighten the fact that this time honored tradition of adventure and leadership cannot be continued without generous contributions to our foundation.  Morals of honor, loyalty, and duty that have been instilled since 1910 would cease to exist without generous benefactors.  One of the only capsules through which the traditions of the bygone century have been preserved, will no longer have the proper assistance to continue to teach such lessons.  You, however, have the ability to empower this organization, and ensure it continues to teach for generations.  Not only will your investment aid in the future when Scouts join your business and contribute their knowledge and ideals, but the Scouts you endorse will also help in countless ways to better the communities of the world.  Scouting has the will to survive for a superfluous number of years to come, but not necessarily the ability.  Although it would be pleasant to omit money as a factor in Scouting, it is as necessary as the Scouts willingness to lead.

My grandfather was a scout, a scout leader, and a recipient of the Silver Beaver award. My father, like my grandfather, was a scout, and currently is a Scoutmaster, as well as a member of the highest rank in Scouting, that of the Eagle Scout.  I too am a Scout, and am following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather.  I hope that Scouting can continue to thrive, so that my children can follow this tradition as well.

Let the child provide the fervor and you the assistance, for then you will be bestowed pride equivalent to that which every Scout for centuries to come will enjoy.

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About Jeff Lambert, Scoutmaster Emeritus

Jeff Lambert is a former Scoutmaster of Troop 708, Castro Valley, California. Jeff is an Eagle Scout with over 16 years in Scouting. In his spare time Jeff runs his software development firm, JVHM, Inc.

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